The Original Platform Fund I

Status: 06/01/2023

Fund profile

Inception date
Total fund assets 2.2 M EUR
Fund currency EUR
Current issue price EUR738.18 (06/02/2023)
Current return price EUR738.18 (06/02/2023)
Annual high (redemption price) EUR753.09 (02/03/2023)
Annual low (redemption price) EUR657.31 (01/02/2023)
Performance current year 12.10 % (06/02/2023)
ø Performance
Since launch p.a.
-14.95 % (06/02/2023)
Issue charge 0.00 %
Redemption charge 0.00 %
End of fiscal year Jun 30
Dividend Accumulating
Total expense ratio 1.49 % p.a.
Management fee   therefrom 1.00 % p.a.
Custodian fee   therefrom 0.05 % p.a.
Capital accumulation benefits capable no
Savings plan yes (min EUR1,000.00)
Single payment yes (min EUR100,000.00)
Conformity yes
Registered for distribution DE

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