GREIFF "special situations" Fund -F-

Status: 05/23/2024

Fund portrait

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Fund profile

ISIN LU2731339920
Inception date
Total fund assets 37.3 M EUR
Fund currency EUR
Current issue price EUR101.18 (05/24/2024)
Current return price EUR101.18 (05/24/2024)
Performance current year n/a (05/24/2024)


  • Key information sheet (PRIIPs) (de) Status : 03/01/2024 (172.60 kB)
  • Prospectus (de) Status : 03/01/2024 (1.19 MB)
  • Factsheet professional investors (monthly) (de) Status : 05/13/2024 (1.25 MB)
  • Sustainability-Related Disclosures (en) Status : 06/15/2023 (246.85 kB)
  • Announcements (de) Status : 02/29/2024 (135.86 kB)

Asset structure


There is insufficient historical data to present past performance in a useful manner.

Performance in 12-month periods and %

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